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National CDE Teams
2019-National Dairy Judging, Bronze Medalist 
2019-National Environmental and Natural Resources Management, Silver Medalist
2018-National Agriculture Sales, Bronze Medalist
2018-National Extemporaneous Public Speaking, Bronze Medalist
2018-National Milk Quality and Products, Bronze Medalist
2017-National Nursery/Landscape, Silver Medalist
2017-National Livestock Judging, Silver Medalist
2016-National Milk Quality and Products, Silver Medalist
2016-National Poultry Judging, Silver Medalist
2015-National Milk Quality and Products, Silver Medalist
2015-National Poultry Judging, Silver Medalist
2015-National Land Judging Contest
2014-National Agronomy, Bronze Medalist
2014-National Land Judging Contest
2006-National Extemporaneous Public Speaking, Silver Medalist
2005-National Prepared Public Speaking, Silver Medalist
2003-National Job Interview Contest, Silver Medalist
1996-National Livestock Judging
1995-National Land Judging Contest
1989-National Livestock Judging, Gold Medalist
1976-National Livestock Judging, Silver Medalist
1953-National Prepared Public Speaking, National Runner-Up (NFA-New Farmers of America) 


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