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Mr. Cole

Mr. Cole is one of the advisors at Covington High School.  He is in his twentieth year of teaching, and has loved every minute of it.  Mr. Cole is teaching Agriculture Power and Equipment, Agriculture Mechanics, Agribusiness and Personal Finance, Large Animal Science, Greenhouse Management, and Forestry.  Mr. Cole's favorite contests are Parliamentary Procedure, Nursery, and Forestry.  Mr. Cole has also lead our chapter's swine show string for several years. 

Favorite Quotations-

"The ladder of success can not be climbed with your hands in your pocket."- Mr. Cole

"Hard work doesn't guarantee success but without it you don't have a chance." -Derek Jeter

"There is one thing about baldness, its neat!"-Marcus Heaston


Ag Power and Equipment Standards Jerry Johnson 10/8/2012 141 KB
Greenhouse Standards Jerry Johnson 10/8/2012 108 KB
Ag Mechanics Standards Jerry Johnson 10/8/2012 133 KB
Forestry Standards Jerry Johnson 10/8/2012 128 KB



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