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Chapter Vice-President
Madison Rowland


Favorite CDE: Agriculture Mechanics

Other CDEs: Soil Judging, Livestock Judging, Poultry Judging, Forestry, Agronomy

Primary SAE's: Agriculture Mechanics Fabrication and  Sheep Production

Other SAEs: Agriculture Mechanics Repair and Mainteance, Agriculture Education, Agriscience Power and Technical Systems

Outstanding FFA Achievements: 2020 Regional Winner Ag Mechanics Proficiency, 2019 TN State Dairy Judging Champions, 2018 TN State Milk Quality and Products Champions, 2018 National Sliver Medalist, 2018 TN State Runner Up Forestry Contest, 2019 State Agronomy 3rd in State, 2018 West TN Poultry Judging Champions, 2018 West TN Lower Ag Mechanics Champion

Quote: "Why does Mr. Johnson say hard work and dedication all the time?"

Quote: "Mr. Cole needs his mustache back."


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